Customers get attracted to an image which clearly defines and gets as close to the actual property. For this reason Real Estate Photo Retouching is in high demand these days.

Real Estate Photo Retouching Services

A lot of factors affect Real Estate images like perspective, lighting conditions, unwanted objects etc making them the most challenging images to retouch. Same as Automobiles, in Real Estate Business a lot depends on the quality of pictures to persuade customers to hit that "BUY" button. Expert retouchers at Digi5 Studios can fix camera distortions, manipulate colors, fix exposures and do any kind of manipulation on the images using various photo editing techniques.

Our motto is to enhance a real estate image in a way that it captivates both the buyer and the seller. We have been offering our cutting edge real estate photo retouching services to clients from all over the world. We would be delighted to do free sample jobs for you to showcase the experience and quality of our services.

Color and Exposure Correction:

True colors and correct exposure are the base of any good real estate image. Our teams are experts in removing color casts, editing color and contrast to get them as close to the original as possible.

Perspective Correction:

This is a common phenomena with most real estate images as sometimes camera is not able to capture the dimensions of a building. Our well trained team can recognize and correct any kind of camera distortions in an image.

Photo Stitching:

This is used to join multiple pictures to create one wide angle panoramic image. Our teams are aware of all the advanced photo stitching techniques and software’s to create a well blended panoramic image.

Photo Manipulation:

We can change the color or shape of the various components like Walls, Curtains etc. Also sky, clouds, trees, grass etc can be inserted into an image to make it more presentable.

HDR Photos:

We can blend multiple exposures to create one single HDR image with amazing tonal levels.


Digi5 Studios has been successfully offering photoshop services to some of the best companies from around the world. We have worked on millions of images ever since our company's establishment in 2009.