"A photo should appeal to potential buyer". This phrase is true for every product especially when it comes to Automobiles. Our high-end team edits the pictures to create that first impression which help selling the product.

Normal Cut

We replace the original background of the automobile with a custom designed or a background of dealers choice. We retain the original shadows and road and clean distractions like dirt, cracks, potholes etc.

Please click on the arrows to change the background image!



car background editing

Complete Cut

The automobile is completely extracted and given a new background, clean road and matching shadows. This gives consistency to your automobiles and these look awesome on a presentation.



car background editing

Automotive Photo Retouching Services

With years of experience we understand that high class images play a big part in enhancing sales of an automobile. We get regular feedbacks from our clients on how their sales increased manifold after incorporating our services.

We would be delighted to do free samples for you to showcase the experience and quality of our services.

Correct and density corrections
Image resizing
Removing elements like glares, dents, scratches etc
Remove unwanted reflections or stickers and other distracting features
Clean the background e.g. people, dustbins, poles etc.
Replace backgrounds when requested


Digi5 Studios has been successfully offering photoshop services to some of the best companies from around the world. We have worked on millions of images ever since our company's establishment in 2009.